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Diocesan Confirmation

  • Trinity Cathedral 801 W. State Street Trenton, NJ 08618 (map)

Episcopalians observe the laying on of hands as a commissioning to ministry, and see that as a confirmation of the promises that were made for us if we were baptized as infants.  In earlier times, one could come to communion only after having been confirmed by a bishop.  Since the Prayer Book renewal in 1976, baptism was seen as the gateway to communion.

To be confirmed is to take your place among the active members of the Church, in a sense, to be seen by all as an adult who has made the decision to follow the way of Jesus within the Episcopal Church.  Confirmation is received only once in a lifetime.  Anyone who has been confirmed in the Episcopal Church or in any other church with a traditional episcopacy (bishops), like the Catholic or Lutheran churches is not re-confirmed

For Episcopalians who wish to have a sign by which they renew that commitment to follow Jesus in the Episcopal Church, we have what is called Reaffirmation.  At the time of confirmation, those who seek to renew their commitment present themselves to the Bishop, who lays hands upon them and prays for their strengthening in faith.

In addition to those two– Confirmation and Reaffirmation, anyone who was not baptized into the Episcopal Church can officially become a member through Reception.  At the same ceremony, those who are becoming Episcopalians stand before the Bishop, who lays hands on them and offers a prayer for them as they join the Episcopal Church.

The Diocesan celebration occurs twice a year at the cathedral.  The Bishop also does these same three things when he visits a parish.

There is usually some preparation given to candidates for confirmation.  Anyone wishing to participate at the cathedral on May 11, please let Fr. Don know as soon as possible.