Sunday, March 19, 2017 (Morning Prayer)

Acolytes: Sichelstiel, Sichelstiel

Readers: Torpey, Myers

Server: DeBaun, Vaughan-Sterling

Ushers: Caruso

Counters: Peggy Cardone and  Kashie Garrison

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Acolytes: G. Myers, DeCicco

Readers: McGrath, DeCicco

Server: Vaughan-Sterling


Counters: Chris Goodman and  Mike Lutz  

Sunday, April 2

Acolytes: D. Wonderlin, O Wonderlin

Readers: Wonderlin, Rolle

Server: Wonderlin


Counters: Tom Gratton and Mary Wonderlin

Sunday, April 9th (Palm Sunday)

Acolytes: Lange, A. Myers

Readers: Jone, Sowers

Server: Martinez


Counters: Pat Bosch and Tom O’Keefe

Thursday, April 13 (Maundy Thursday)

Acolytes: Craddock, G. Myers

Readers: Vaughan-Sterling, Gross

Server: Keisling

Ushers: TBD

Counters: None

Friday, April 14th, (Good Friday)

Acolytes: J. Sichelstiel,  K. Robinson

Readers: Wonderlin, J. DeBaun

Server: DeBaun

Ushers: TBD

Counters: None

Saturday, April 15th, (Great Vigil of Easter)

Acolytes: L. Sichelstiel,  S. Sichelstiel

Readers: (Many) Epistle: Goodman

Server: Bob Goodman

Ushers: TBD

Counters: None

Sunday, April 16th, (Easter)

Acolytes: D. Wonderlin, O Wonderlin

Readers: Wonderlin, Rolle

Server: Wonderlin, J. McGrath

Ushers: TBD

Counters: Dori Millisky and Peggy Cardone